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To be the premier event planning company known for transforming ordinary events into extraordinary, unforgettable experiences. We aim to exceed expectations, inspire creativity, and leave a lasting, golden impression on every occasion.


At Gouden Riche Events, our mission is to provide a one-stop solution for all your event needs. We are dedicated to curating exceptional, tailor-made events that reflect your unique vision and style. We prioritize precision, creativity, and unwavering attention to detail to ensure every event we undertake is a resounding success. Our team is committed to delivering excellence in service, making your dreams come true, and turning moments into memories that shine with richness and brilliance.

Meet the Team

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sivakumar Ramachandran

As the CEO of an esteemed events company, Sivakumar brings visionary leadership and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. With a track record of success, they are committed to delivering top-notch event solutions that exceed expectations. Their dedication to excellence is the driving force behind every event they curate.

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Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Kaveen Sivakumar

As our COO, Kaveen brings extensive experience and visionary leadership. With a track record of delivering seamless, memorable events, He transforms client visions into reality. Their expertise, innovation, and commitment guarantee success.

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Head Of Events

Veerasingam Amarapathy

As the Head of Events, Veerasingam is a seasoned professional with a passion for creating memorable experiences. With a wealth of expertise in event planning and management, Veerasingam orchestrates seamless and unforgettable gatherings. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensure every event exceeds expectations.

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Event Manager

Sharvin Sivakumar

Sharvin, an experienced event manager, blends creativity and precision to craft unforgettable occasions. From weddings to corporate events, he ensures flawless execution, leaving clients delighted and worry-free.

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Chief Digital Strategist

Rupanath Sivakumar

As the Event Coordinator at Gouden Riche Events, Rupanath brings a wealth of experience and creativity to curate unforgettable experiences. With a passion for detail and a knack for turning visions into reality, He ensures every event is a seamless and memorable affair.

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