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Wedding Décor



While weddings are our passion, our expertise extends far beyond. Gouden Riche specializes in lifestyle events that breathe life into your aspirations. From milestone birthdays to corporate soirées, we bring a touch of elegance and innovation to every occasion.

Wedding Decorations

Traditional Decor

Experience the timeless elegance of traditional decor, where every detail is a reflection of your enduring love story. Soft color palettes and ornate designs create an atmosphere of classic romance.

Rustic Decor

Step into the warm embrace of rustic charm, where the natural beauty of the countryside sets the stage for a love that's as genuine as it is breathtaking. Wooden accents and wildflowers bring nature's beauty to your celebration.

Vintage Decor

Embrace the nostalgia of vintage decor, where the past meets the present in a celebration of enduring love. Antique touches and retro elements transport you and your guests to a bygone era.

Bohemian (Boho) Decor

Feel the freedom of bohemian decor, where creativity knows no bounds. A vibrant tapestry of colors, dreamy fabrics, and whimsical accents brings an aura of spontaneity and adventure.

Modern Decor

Enter the world of modern elegance, where sleek design and minimalistic beauty create a backdrop for your contemporary love story. Clean lines and sophisticated details speak to a love that's sleek and chic.

Glamorous Decor

Bask in the opulence of a glamorous celebration, where luxury and extravagance are your companions. Sparkling crystals, lavish drapery, and regal ambiance set the stage for a love story fit for royalty.

Beach or Nautical Decor

Dive into the soothing embrace of beach or nautical decor, where the sea's tranquil beauty sets the tone. Soft blues and seaside accents transport you to the shores of love and serenity.

Tropical Decor

Get lost in the vibrant allure of tropical decor, where the spirit of the islands infuses your celebration. Lush greenery, exotic blooms, and tiki torches create an atmosphere of paradise.

Garden or Floral Decor

Let the beauty of nature surround you with garden or floral decor, where love blooms like a garden in full splendor. Floral wonders, garden settings, and a profusion of blossoms create an enchanting atmosphere.

Cultural or Ethnic Decor

Celebrate the rich tapestry of your heritage with cultural or ethnic decor, where traditions and customs blend seamlessly into your love story. Experience the beauty of diverse cultures and their unique symbols of love.

Industrial Decor

Immerse yourself in the urban chic of industrial decor, where the raw beauty of the city becomes your canvas. Exposed brick walls, metallic accents, and edgy lighting create a love story as bold as the city itself.

Whimsical or Fairytale Decor

Step into a world of enchantment with whimsical or fairytale decor, where dreams take flight. Twinkling fairy lights, magical forests, and a touch of fantasy turn your wedding into a fairytale come true.

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